Decision Point Playing Cards

The company was dealt a winning hand when it developed an all-new decision-making software solution that gave insurance claims reviewers many new features they could perform within one software platform called Decision Point. Rather than creating awareness with a lengthy brochure or standard advertising incentives, a custom deck of playing cards was designed to try and put a marketing communications solution in their hands they could not put down.

The special nature of the deck was that the face cards were all "decision-makers"—such as famous executives, military leaders, presidents, etc.—underscoring the key functionality of the product in making bill review decisions. What we hoped would happen actually happened—they could not read just one card. Distinctive and interesting designs for each card made reading the product features and benefits mixed in with interesting and applicable trivia addictive. The deck of cards came in a custom laser-engraved wood box for a better-than-expected awareness campaign that triggered many new sales opportunities for the company.