Grill Chasers Hits the Streets of Chicago

Grill Chasers Hits the Streets of Chicago


Owners Gary and Jami Steinberg introduce a unique blend of spicy, natural, and freshly prepared dishes to the Chicago food truck scene with their flame-grilled chicken starring as the main attraction.

In early 2014, Grill Chasers, a Schaumburg-based food truck, began servicing the Chicago metro and suburbs areas with their signature flame-grilled chicken recipes done four ways: Skewers, Sliders, Wings, and Wraps. Fresh and bold marinades and dipping sauces, called “Chasers”, take the flame-grilled dishes in unique flavor directions.

This is the first food truck for longtime Chicagoans Gary and Jami Steinberg. As keeper of the flame, Gary has had a way with flame-grilling birds for over two decades. But his career on the trading floor always delayed his move into a full-time cooking business. Until now. Gary and Jami have traded places with their corporate careers and have entered the food truck business with a focus on the flame and a thing for building combinations of flavors that are signature Grill Chasers cuisine. “This is Gary’s dream to not only bring the sensational flame-grilled chicken flavor to the streets of Chicago but to do it on the suburban streets and add to the growing fun and flavorful street food experience outside the metro area,” says Jami.

Cool Grey Matter was proud to be a part of it.