Rebecca Joy Fletcher

"Webmaster, webmaster, design me a site. Code me a code, lay out a layout.”

It’s not every day that a work request comes in sung by its owner―Rebecca Joy Fletcher―a playwright, actress, Jewish educator and ordained cantor who wanted to go against tradition when it came to updating her website.

As a wide-ranging and eclectic talent, the client wanted her website to match the performance she brings to the stage―with dynamic levels that range from excitement to deep character portrayals to fun―all of which add up to an engaging and learning experience. Combining large background images with a minimal content template, CGM was able to keep the pages simple and uncluttered, and at the same time provide the dramatic impact fitting a heralded stage actress.

Rebecca’s shows have delighted audiences around the world. Her influences are wide and eclectic, ranging from playwright Tony Kushner to Hassidic master Rabbi Nachman of Bratslav to funny lady Fanny Brice. Her off Broadway hit show Kleynkunst! was produced by the National Yiddish Theatre in 2009 to critical and box office acclaim.

Rebecca carries on the tradition of the Jewish theater with a website that is anything but traditional. And that’s how a personality can come through on a website design when there is close collaboration between client and designer.